About Nana Chen

Nana Chen is a Taipei-born photographer who grew up in Argentina, Chile, the US, Taiwan and other places. Nana's photographs are in private collections around the world and have been featured in The Observer, Esquire, Marie Claire, D-la Repubblica and many more. Her work has been exhibited in Museum Siam, RMA Institute, the Belgium Ambassador's Residence Bangkok, Project 189 Bangkok and other spaces. Her first photography book Chungking Mansions—Hong Kong’s Last Ghetto was published in December 2018. She has guest lectured on photojournalism at the University of Texas by invitation of Magnum photographer Eli Reed. In 2015 Nana launched Nanette, a clothing line inspired by her nomadic life. A classically trained violinist, Nana's passions include architecture, interiors, and design. She currently divides her time between Vietnam, Thailand and Europe.